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Training for information skills
How to get started in research and how to explore useful tools in catalogues and on Internet when starting a thesis or preparing a presentation. Also consult recommended sites.

Person in charge : Professor Liliane Gallet-Blanchard

1. Introduction to information retrieval : how to locate information? (PDF - 284Ko)
1st cycle (Foundation) Tutorial DAN120
2. Resources : directions for using the databases that the CATI Centre subscribes to
by Raeleen Chai-Elsholz
3. Electronic resources : CD ROMs
by Raeleen Chai-Elsholz

4. Guide for writing and presenting theses

  • Making your thesis reader-friendly
  • Thesis bibliography
    This is an update of lessons given in 1998 by Sylvie Fayet, who worked in the Joint Library Services of Paris IV at the time, since then at the BNF (The French National Library) and now at the National Library and Archives School (Ecole des Chartes).
5. Training Scheme for information usage (1995-1999) : documentation and research in English studies

a- Description of the initial project
  b- Means employed
  c- List of lessons
  d- Work carried out
  e- Evaluation of the objectives
  f- Training integrated into the institution's curricula
6. "A Very Skillful computer" : a presentation on 7th March 1998 for the English studies Centre.
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