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The CATI Research Centre explores the renewal of research in cultural history through information technology: the use of literature and history databases, digital images and hypertext.

CATI develops its programme following three main lines:

  Creation of hypertext documents
The CATI team creates hyperdocuments in relation to its research programmes, developing multimedia integrations using specialised software.

  Training in information retrieval strategy
The CATI Centre offers training in methods of information retrieval combined with degree courses at all levels.

  Research and development of hyperdocuments
The Centre examines the impact of hypertexts on interdisciplinary methodology and on the epistemology of electronic aids, especially in relation to current research in humanities concerning virtual spaces and theories of representation.


Interuniversity and International Relations

The Centre is part of the network "Institutional models for humanities computing" (http://www.kcl.ac.uk/humanities/cch/allc/imhc/).
It works with specialists in various fields from French and foreign universities, museums and libraries, as well as from the business world: the Joint Library Services at the Sorbonne-Paris IV, RAO Centre (Computer-aided reseach centre) at Paris X, the Digital campus 'Réseaux.doc', URFIST (Regional Units on Technical and Scientific Information), Palais de la Découverte (Parisian Science Museum), The Federation of Bull Teams, Oxford University, Office for Humanities Communication (King's College London), The University of Missouri, Bath University School of Architecture, The Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing, the multimedia departments of the Louvre and British museums.

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