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Ressources MAN 404
Virtual Spaces
(see Table of contents)


These webpages study the vision of space, and the various ways in which it has been structured in successive centuries; each topic is illustrated by a famous landscape. The analyses of these examples make use of the visual effects of webdesign : the dynamic aspects of the spatial vision, such as the imaginative superimposition of several landscapes, are modelled by interactive events made possible by the web interface, such as the "swapping images" behaviour triggered off when the user clicks on a button.
Taken together, these chapters study various forms of interaction between real places and imaginary views - the past forms of "virtual" perception. They are also an introduction to the range of effects available in dynamic web design, placed in sequence of increasing difficulty as the more imaginative types of landscape vision are explored .


Each chapter is subdivided into three sections, with names borrowed from the theatre; they take up the old metaphor of the "landscape as a theatre" to trace the history of modes of vision.

  • "the stage", a descriptive page, containing views of historical landscapes and cityscapes with comments on the perception of space they imply. As on a stage, scene-shifting effects are possible, which alter the view; they are here modelled by dynamic web design (instructions on the possible interactions are given on the pages). These pages have a yellow background, the colour of a prospect bathed in light, suggesting a spatial structure.

  • "scene design", a "how to do it" page, which explains how the interactive effects of the "stage" pages were obtained with a web-design software; it contains screenshots of the design screens. It is on a white background so that the screenshots stand out clearly.

  • "theatre of icons", interpretative comments and questions on the perception of space, with links to websites of various fields (the semiotics of space, theories of iconicity...). It is on a blue-green background, which are meditative colours suggesting depth.

The navigation bar below allows the user to navigate between these three sections.

see Table of contents
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