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LX 330 - Anglais.com

Bear the following in mind when compiling a knockout CV

1. CVs tend to be no longer than two pages. Try to keep it to only one page, list those skills in the accompanying cover letter.

2. You do not need to attach a photograph to your application, unless one is explicitly asked for.

3. To mission statement or not. Just like when you read a corporate one, you know that it's empty and may feel slight nausea, so just think on whether you want the person reading your CV to have that reaction also. Besides, everyone writes the same thing so it really is of no value.

4. It is irrelevant to state that you are female or male, and on a résumé you should not include your date of birth. This is against US law and will mean that the employer cannot consider your application. Nationality should only be relevant if there is a doubt about your work permit status.

5. As most of you are students you want to put the Education section first. If you feel it is particularly relevant, expand upon the course title to say what the main courses were. Also state the result/ expected result of your degree. As a rough guide:

Mention très bien= I (first class honours)
Mention bien= II.1
Mention assez bien=II.2
Passable= III (third)

6. Then comes Employment, as you have worked more jobs, then you should reverse Education and Employment around. All jobs : casual, vacational, voluntary, sanwich meat. They all give you exposure to the workplace.

7. Interests and Achievements

A CV should be word perfect, otherwise it could be tossed in the trash if there are a mass of applications for a post. Make sure you do not give the HR people an excuse to sift you at the paper stage.

For these reasons, and if you have any other queries regarding a job application, then see one of the anglais.com career counselling team who will help you get started or get jet propelled to the place where you want to be.

created by: David Anderson

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