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Ressources M2
Information skills
  • The present series of tutorials is meant to teach you information skills in several stages, each based on a major website of this field.

    Each tutorial is subdivided into three sections :

    • How to get there (marked by the icon of the compass), indicating the path to the website
    • Steer your course through the website (marked by the icon of the steering wheel), pointing out the major features of the website
    • Write your logbook (marked with the icon of the electronic lady), where you find questions; the answers will be posted as we progress through the course.

      The important terms are in green; they are to be found in the index

  • You may find definitions and resources in Professor Liliane Gallet-Blanchard's seminar:
  • In order to follow the tutorial, you may alternate between the present pages and the website under consideration. Instead of closing the page you are studying by clicking on the box with a cross in the top corner of the page , click on the box with a small horizontal line close to it; the former page will not be closed and its name will appear in the taskbar below, so that after you have consulted the other website (and placed it in the taskbar in the same way) you may easily return to the website by clicking on its name in the taskbar.

    • If you wish to take notes or copy phrases from the websites while you are studying them, select "Démarrer" then "Programmes" then "Accessoires" then "Bloc-notes"; in the notepad which opens, write your notes.

  • You may send your comments and answers: Marie-Madeleine.Martinet@paris-sorbonne.fr
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